Traffic Simulation for Urban Scenarios

Traffic simulation is an important technology, whenever the effects of new concepts need to be evaluated, without implementing them in real-world, e.g., because of high prototyping costs. In some cases, measurement data cannot be aggregated in a real transportation scenario, because of a lack of data or immense study costs. This problem may be overcome with help of traffic simulation.

MAINSIM is a traffic simulation system for cartographical material from OpenStreetMap. Simulation graphs are directly calculated from a given map excerpt. During simulation, the basic types of road users car (passenger car, truck, bus), bicycle and pedestrian are modeled. The simulation takes account for interaction between different road users.


MAINSIM was developed in order to simulate the traffic of whole cities or regions. Due to its architecture, MAINSIM is suited for estimation of macroscopic characteristic numbers like, e.g., the fuel consumption (respectively CO2 emissions) in the simulation area or the consequences of infrastructural changes.

MAINSIM is an actor-based simulation system enabling for observation of individual road users. This functionality offers the opportunity to model "different" behavior, like, e.g., novel routing methods or breaking of traffic rules.

The developed simulation system is extensible and currently gets advanced scientifically. In order to obtain a view on MAINSIM, have a look on corresponding publications. The videos give an impression on how simulation runs with MAINSIM look like. Do not hesitate to contact us, when you have questions or suggestions. Thanks a lot for your interest.